In hair market, there are various types of raw hair from different countries of origin, like Brazilian hair, Chinese hair, India hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Cambodia hair, Mongolian hair, European hair and so on. Indian hair, Chinese hair and European hair are the most commonly used for making hair system.


Chinese Hair

It is coarse hair with round shape cross section. It is only suitable for client who has stick and rough hair. Extra cost will be charged for Chinese hair even though client requires it seldom.


European Hair

This is the best choice for Caucasian clients who need fine and silky hair to match their natural hair texture. Raw European hair is very expensive, because its donor is less than hair from other types. More extra cost is required. It is suitable for Caucasian client who wants the most natural look and cares expense less.

We have big stock of European hair in various color shade, which allows us to find closest color to yours and do ventilation directly. Bleaching or dyeing processing, which is bad for hair quality and lifespan, can be skipped.


Indian Hair

If you want to pay less and achieve natural appearance, Indian hair is the option. It is less round than Chinese hair and very close to European hair’s thickness. The key point is “no extra cost” required. This is recommended strongly.