What is hair density? It seems that it is a conception difficult to learn. Actually, it is simply how thin or thick hair is collectively. In production, it is how thin or thick hair is ventilated to base. The only way to truly determine the density of your hair is to have someone examine a 1-inch square section of your scalp and count the number of hair strands in that 1-inch section. OMG, it is impossible mission…

To order easily and correctly, we make out swatches below for your reference. When you check hair density of your natural hair around sides and back, it is the best to get help from family member or close friend.

Useful Tips:

  1. Some clients choose heavier density than their natural hair to prevent bad look due to hair loss in future, it is always a bad idea.
  2. It is wise to choose density level lower than light-medium if your age is 50+, light density will always give you more natural appearance than heavy density at your age.