Will 3D Printed Hair Cure Hair Loss?

Nowadays when 3D print is prevailing, some people might think about if it is possible to print toupees with the technique so that someone’s hair loss could be cured, but the feasibility of it is still debatable.

We’re going to share our opinions with you.

There are many kinds of 3D printed hair, includes 3D printed synthetic hair, polylactide synthetic hair, bioprinting hair and so on.

Synthetic hair is an artificial hair and it it utterly different from real hair even though how realness the producers want to make it. So 3D printing synthetic hair is not quite a good choice for people with hair loss problems.

Bioprinting hair is a relatively natural way to produce human hair in using hair cells to reproduce human hair, but it is expensive and is not so mature right now.

So, the current way to have a nice haircut for hair loss men is to wear wigs, like

mens hairpiece

men's hairpiece

non-surgical hair replacement

non-surgical hair replacement


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  • Apr 19, 2017
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