The Reasons of Hair Split-ends
  1. Chemical Treatments like perming, dyeing, bleaching can do a huge harm to your hair, and thus it can be easily damaged.

chemical treatments like perming dyeing

  1. Inappropriate using of shampoo. In our daily life, a lot of people like using the shampoo with the effect of oil-cleaning, anti-dandruff, which is not good for your hair.

dandruff shampoo

  1. Long time sunburning. Hair can be damaged by sunlight, and a long time sunburning could lead to an impairment of hair. As a result, your hair would be withered, faded, yellow, and split.


  1. Long term using of hair dryer. The temperature of hair dryer would hurt the organization of your hair, turning it into withered and yellow hair. So you’d better not to use hair dryer a lot.

 hair dryer using

  1. Improper hair care. Daily hair care is also an important thing to do, like when you finish hair dyeing, your hair is very vulnerable without proper hair care.


  1. Lack of nutrition. Hair split-ends can also caused by the lack of nutrition in daily life.


  1. Lack of sleep. Many people feel so strange that sleeping could affect the condition of your hair. Well, truth to be told, the lack of sleeping can be a big reason for split ends of your hair.


  1. Unhealthy diets. Many people wouldn’t care about these things a lot. Smoking and drinking could be a disaster to hair texture.

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  • May 16, 2017
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