Steps of Toupees Smoothing Steps and Tips for Toupees Cleaning
Toupees, Men’s Hairpiece, Non-surgical Hair Replacement are magical prevalence today, but to get a glamour look, you have to pay additional attention to the nursing part. Luckily, we got some steps and tips for you below.
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Hair Smoothing Steps

1.Smoothing your hair with your fingers once you get your toupees off your head. (Grap all of the hair in your hand, then stretch it.)
2.Shaking it out a bit. (Long hair especially, curly hair doesn’t need this as a whole but slightly clean it with your head.)
3.Combing the toupees with your hand bit by bit from the top of the hair.
4.Combing the toupees with combs in tiny movements.
5.When you done it, you’d better hang it out for a few minutes before it went completely dry. Then you could put it away.
Toupees Cleaning

1. Usually the cleaning should do once a month or so, but you can adjust the cleaning time according to the frequency of wearing.
2. Cleaning it with cold or warm water. Normal shampoo is ok in this process. You can use some hair conditioner as well.
3. Trying not to dry it with hairdryers or something else, but gently soaked up the water on it with a dry towel. Then, to avoid the probable damage caused by the sun, you’d better putting the toupees in somewhere air can circulate.
4. After done all of the cleaning, please make sure the toupees become dry enough before you combing it.
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