How To Identify A Good Wig?


1,A good wig feels smooth and the color of it is very natural, just like human hair.

2,Combing your hair with your finger, you can feel its soft and smooth.

3,On the premise of haircut, the light the better.

4,You feel comfortable and natural when you wore it, not stuffy at all.

Two standards to help identify:  1).the hairnet   2).the hair


If you want to have a good wig, you have to choose the one that is made of human hair or virgin hair, normally the price on the market is more than $200, because it costs a lot of labor works and complicated technique. The difference between human hair and synthetic hair is that you can smell plastic when you burn synthetic hair, and get a sense of barbeque if you burn human hair instead. Besides, the quality of hair should be considered as well. A good quality hair has to be soft and smooth.

Now let’s take a look at the ways to find a good wig.

There are mainly two aspects concerning if the wigs look good or not.

1.If the wig matches your skin color

White people wear light color, while black people wear deep color.

Difference is quite usual in different color rings

Sure if you want something natural, common color would be the best. Black and dark brown are good choices.

2.Fit degree of toupees and face

Real people’s hair varies, and you can make a few adjustments to the sides of your head.

PS.You’d better purchase static hair conditioner(or spraying water) or hair oil which could be a little bit more expensive.  

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  • May 18, 2017
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