DV Toupee Hair Store Online Upgraded Successfully! Congratulations!

March 1st, 2017, BIG day of DV Toupee hair!

Our brand new toupee store online is upgraded successfully under the joint efforts of the sales department and technical department. The entire process of taking picture, web design and production lasted about one month, we realized all efforts are worth it when seeing what we get finally.

Five core features of updated store online below, just because there is not enough space to list them all, haha :)

  1. Custom Made Online Available

The traditional display website is out of date already. Our new upgraded website is type of online shopping.

Complicated custom made hair system is available to order online directly. Over 10 custom options can be finished in dropdown list by some clicks. It is a complete reversal of the traditional method.


  1. Security Assurance Of Online Payment

Trust begins with security, shoppers will not become buyers if they feel unsafe. Our new website has got McAfee Secure trustmark by passing its safety standard approval. Your online payment and private information is safe if shopping in our website.


  1. Simple & Humanize Design

Neat header and logical mega menu in new site help you find your favorite design easily. Four featured collections, “natural designs”, “durable designs”, “featherlight designs” and “unique products”, guide you choose suitable design to your personal requirements from appearance, durability and comfortability of hair system.


  1. One-click Share To Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+…If you like our product or blog and want to share with your friends in any social medias, there is one-click button for you, easy and fast.


  1. Browsing On Mobile Phone Available

More and more people prefer browsing website and shopping online on mobile phone. That’s why we developed mobile phone version. You don’t have to turn on your computer when you are going to reorder hair system or check what new s.

Congratulations!!! Your requirement is our motivation to move forward forever!




  • Mar 01, 2017
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