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The Film & Television Arts department offers a broad range of programs and courses in Film &Multimedia Technology, Multimedia Design and Production, Film & TV Performance, Film & TV Production, Film & TV Writing and Directing, Film & Video Advertising. It boasts strong and well-constructed teaching staffs that enjoy high theoretical level and strong practical abilities. They are dedicated and devoted to the teaching work; moreover, they always bear the mind of enquiry and creativity. In 2012, the faculties in the Film & Television Arts department were ranked as the Shanghai municipal Teaching Team. The department has one First-Grade Director, two Second-Grade Directors and one Shanghai Eminent Teacher. The department attaches great importance to the improvement of teaching and researching works. It has two Shanghai Excellent Courses and two Shanghai Key Courses; moreover, it has edited and published 5 Twelfth Five-Year National Planning Materials for higher education.

The department is well-equipped in teaching facilities, it boasts several professional experimenting and training centers, which includes Digital Communication Experiment Center (GAPP Key Laboratory), Digital Media Base for Practicing(co-sponsored by Chinese government and the Shanghai municipal government), Digital Media Training Centera project of National Key Vocational Colleges in Chinaand Film &Laboratory Teaching Center. Meantime, the department has a number of stable and well-equipped off campus training bases which enjoy high-usage.

The department believes that contest could assist the regular teaching scheme. The students in this department have won a number of first prizes, second prizes and Golden Team Awards in several national contests. Eight students won the title of “Advanced Multimedia Production Producer”, which broke the monopoly of the leading companies in the industry. The graduate employment rate keeps above 99.6% in successive four years. The employers gave great eva luation to the graduates from SPPC, for example: “They have good attitude towards the work.” “They are easy learning employee.” “They can adapt to the work quickly.” “They have team spirits.”

The Film& Television Arts department has established cooperation with provincial television stations, municipal television stations and also regional television stations. It also has cooperated with Shanghai Film Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Shanghai Education Television Station, Shanghai Media Group, Beijing XingGuang Investment Co., Ltd. for many years. Except for shooting micro films, the department shoots one or two digital films every year. On April 15th, 2014, the students began to shoot the first film concentrated on the Left-behind Children FOR YOUR SMILE in Maoping town, Guizhou. The film has been examined and approved by Jiangsu Radio and Television Office, the General Administration of Press and Publication of the P.R China and MOCA. This film is directed by the First-Grade director Yao Xiaomeng. All the work like acting, script supervising, auditorium service, set decorating, stage managing, post production are done by the students independently.

Off campus training base

Introduction of the Majors

1.Multimedia Design and Production

This major cultivates the students who could work on the areas of multi-media production, multi-media design and display, design of e-magazine (Internet magazines and interactive magazines), 3D animation production, website design, management and operation of the background of website, design of multimedia exhibition, etc. It aims to foster the students into the specialized talents with advanced techniques, solid theory basis and innovation ideas. Based on the job oriented training mode, this major puts great emphasis on students’ practice abilities. The graduates could work in the digital media companies, press houses, advertising companies, film &TV production centers, website companies, etc.

Interactive media has greatly changed the designing industry. Based on its traditional graphic design mode, the creative industry has entered into a new developing age. This new industry desperately requires the interactive media designer who could combine creative design with program design. The multimedia design program would bring you into an unprecedented developed interactive media age.

WEB Design

Multimedia Design

(1)Training Goal and Major Features

This major cultivates the students who could work on the areas of multi-media production, multi-media design and display, design of e-magazine (Internet magazines and interactive magazines), 3D animation production, website design, management and operation of the background of website, design of multimedia exhibition, etc. It aims to foster the students into the ones who have creative abilities, professional ethics and morals. The graduates should possess the ability of picking, processing and synthesizing information, the ability of designing and producing man-computer interactive interfaces, the ability of producing animation and films, the ability of designing interactive websites and the ability of planning programs, designing the framework and dividing different modules.

(2)Major Courses

Basic NLE, Digital Image Processing, Photography, Multimedia Production, Spatial Distribution Design, 3D Model Production, Interactive Webpage Design, Basic Digital Media, Postproduction of special effects in the Film and Television, 2D Animation Scripting Language Design, Multimedia Demonstration and Planning, Virtual Reality Technology.

(3)Typical Career Destinations:

Digital media companies: gathering, processing, editing of information, designing interface, planning and designing multimedia exhibitions.

Newspaper office and publishing house: designing e-magazines.

Advertising companies, film and video production centers: interface advertising design, post production of the film and television, animation production.

Website companies: interface design of the website, management and operation of the background of the website, flash movies.

2.Film & TV Production

This major cultivates the inter-disciplinary talents who can start their careers in television stations, digital films production companies, interactive entertainment companies, TV channels, TV program package departments, television production departments, animation companies and other related institutions. The graduates could be able to do the projects like digital film &television planning and production, special effects in the digital film &television, design and production of the title of the television programs, television programs and channel package.

Film & TV Production is one of the highlights in the third industry. Based on the education resources, SPPC established the Film & TV Production program with all efforts.

Digital 3D Film Studio

4D cinema Laboratory

(1)Training Goal and Major features

This major cultivates the specialized talents with advanced skills. The program aims to foster the students into the ones who possess digital media techniques, film &art theories, practice abilities and professional ethics. The students would systematically learn the methods, techniques, theories and skills of film &art production. The graduates should be able to appreciate esthetic, write, direct and produce TV series& films. After graduation, they could work in the areas of producing digital film &TV programs, shooting film &TV, editing film &TV, post producing the programs of film &TV, making and synthesizing special effects, recording and producing the sounds of the film &TV, producing 3D films.

(2)Major Courses

Film &TV production Management, Video camera Practice, Digital Editing, TV Program Package, Post Production of Special Effects in Film &TV, Advanced Digital Art Synthesis, Special Cinemas Technique, Digital Stand-in Technique.

(3)Typical Career Destinations

Film & TV production company, Film &TV companydrama group, television station, literature &art group, cultural communication company, video website, wedding organization company.

3.Film & TV Writing and Directing

This major is designed to cultivate special talents with certain artistic taste and high professional skills for radio and television department, electrochemical education department and enterprise education. After the basic training of comprehensive film & TV production, our graduates will put emphasis on improving their imaginal thinking and artistic ability needed for film & TV writing and directing. After they graduate, they could be engaged in TV news gathering and production, televised documentary and feather program producing and directing, TV channel and program design and TV news program producing and directing.

This major is designed to cultivate highly qualified special talents for radio & TV media organizations to do planning, writing and producing work for programs and channels in radio and television arts.

Shooting site of the film For The Comming Smile

(1)Training Goal and Major Features

This major is designed to foster special talents who can obtain an overall development and are in love with film & TV career. The students could work as administrator on film editing, planning, production management, distributing, market promoting, performance management and cultural creativity. They can also be the marketing operator of project planning and product development, market operation, market operator for film & TV markets. Also, the comprehensive administrators in entertainment and cultural industry, professional film and TV program hosts.

(2)Major Courses

Film & TV planning and Marketing, News Gathering Practices, Film & TV production Management, Nonlinear Graphic Video Editing, Writer Training and Techniques, Basic Theory of Film & TV Directing, Documentary Directing, Performance Management, Digital Editing, Film & TV After Effects

(3)Typical Career Destinations

TV stations, film companies, cultural communication companies, advertising companies, public relations corporations, consulting companies, network communication companies, public information section of party organization, street art center.

4.Film & TV advertising

Our major mainly cultivated senior inter-disciplinary technical talents who can independently be engaged in film & TV advertising production with practical abilities in creation and planning of film & TV advertising, film & TV advertisement production etc. for advertising industry. Graduates could work in TV stations, all kinds of film companies, film & television advertising companies, literature and art organizations, cultural management institutions, newspaper and magazine offices and other relevant units engaged in advertising creation, editing, management and marketing etc.

Chinese film & TV media has a promising prospect in China and develops fastest globally. Currently, China has more than 300 large television stations which contribute to a large amount of advertisement expenses. Also, the development of product marketing also promotes further the benign development of film & TV advertising. In the next few years, film & TV advertising is believed to obtain a great-leap-forward development.

Film & TV advertising

(1)Training goal and Major Features

This major is designed to cultivate professional talents with high skills in the field of film & TV advertising who are equipped with both the basic theory knowledge and the practical training of advertising production, recording and NLE, and also the skill to produce print ads so that they can fulfill any job about advertising and program planning, shooting, producing and promoting in advertising companies, TV stations, production companies, promotion department in enterprises and institutions etc.

(2)Major Courses

Art design basis, Law of advertising, Advertising Principles and Practices, Color Arrangement, Animation Series Production, Computer Graphic, NLE (non-linear Editing), Case Design of Print Ads, Film & TV production Management, Recording and Sound Effect, Marketing and Advertising, Film & TV advertising packaging, Video Ads Practices, Digital editing, Creative Advertisement Copyright, Film & TV After Effect, 3D Animation

(3)Typical Career Destinations

Areas of employmentengaged in film & TV advertising production, feature programs and advertising video production in Film & TV department in radio and TV stations and all kinds of video sites; or engaged in advertising research, advertising planning and creation work in advertising agencies or film & TV advertising companies; engaged in image editing in TV stations at all levels; engaged in advertising promotion work in all kinds of enterprises and institutions

5.Film & TV performance

Students of this major mainly study basic knowledge and skills of performing arts. They accept basic trainings on professional proficiency and systematic teaching of relevant theory and developing history. Our graduates master certain film & performance theories and comprehensive performance skills and are equipped with refined language and artistic accomplishment so that they could independently accomplish different role shaping and become versatile practical artistic talents with charming personality and independently accomplish different character creation on performance in drama, traditional opera, film, TV and dance and other domains. They are also qualified for artistic performing jobs in film crew, TV stations, film & television advertisement companies, literature and art organizations in enterprise and public institutions, art teaching and training department.

All kinds of work positions are provided to graduates from film & TV performance domain thanks to the rapid developing of cultural industry, film & TV industry and advertisement industry in recent years. As a result, the talents for film & TV performance have a lot of options when seeking for jobs. Our graduates have a promising job prospect.

Digital Recording Studio

(1)Training Goal and Major Features

Our major cultivate students to master certain film & performance theories and comprehensive performance skills and equip them with refined language and artistic accomplishment so that they could independently accomplish different role shaping and become versatile practical artistic talents who can be charming and independently accomplish different character creation on performance in drama, traditional opera, film, TV and dance and other domains.

(2)Major Courses

Form Training, Basic Performance Training, Vocal Music, Mandarin Pronunciation, Dialogue Speaking, Film & TV performance, Sketch Writing, MC-ing, Chinese and Foreign TV & Film history, Chinese and Foreign Literature, Classic Film Appreciation, Basic Script Writing and Directing etc. 

(3)Career Development for Graduates

Typical career destinationsTV stations, TV production centers, film & TV production companies, crews, artistic performance groups, research units, party and communist league in each unit, performing in culture promotion companies and work such as image creation, managing, planning and organizing

6.Film & Multimedia Technology

The mission of this major is to foster the inter-disciplinary talents who are needed by the cultural creativity industry and the front line of modern productivity and management. The department aims to cultivate students into the talents with ethics, professionalism, skills, knowledge, artistic vision and creativity. The graduates should be able to work on the subjects of visual communication design, interface design, interaction design, analytics for user experience, digital video and audio production, creative planning and management. They could work in the multimedia areas including image communication, digital publication, mobile application, interactive entertainment, and website development.

With the rapid development of information technology, computer technology and internet technology, the design and development of the MMI has become the most active researching direction in the international computer industry and design community. The marketing success or failure is determined by the appearance of the interface, the interactive experience and the creativity of the digital content. More and more enterprises are noticing the development of MMI, so they hope to introduce more talents who can work on the UI design and digital content production to solve their problems.

Recording studio                                    Photography studio

Shaped virtual interactive projection Laboratory

3D Circular-screen System

A winning work of the students in the first FANGZHENG FLYING AWARD, a contest for innovation in the design of the layout of PAD

(1)Training Goal and Major Features

Facing directly to the interactive entertainment companies, digital media companies, websites, advertising companies in the culture creation industries, this major cultivates the inter-disciplinary talents who could combine art and technique together. It aims to foster the students into the ones who have a good taste in artistic sound and vision, a creative mind and the ability of artistic design. Being familiar with the interface design and the process of digital content development, they should possess the relative theories of graphic design, user experience, video and audio; moreover, they should also manage the style and content flexibly when facing to different terminal medium.

(2)Main Courses

Visual Communication DesignSketch Rendering of the Interface, Icon Making, Format Design, UE& HCI, RWD, Integration of Digital Media, Sonic Design, Story boarding

(3)Typical Career Destinations:

User experience designer, new media planning editor, UI interface designer, digital content maker, sonic designer, etc.

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